PBS Documentary A Good Starting Point For Gun RIghts Discussions

Courtesy:  PBS

Courtesy: PBS

Gun control has become a hot button issue in America ever since the tragedy of the shooting in Newtown Connecticut, and those that followed.  Supporters on both sides of the trigger have spoken up, protesting across the country.  It has become such a hot button issue that it has also become increasingly divisive among the American population.  Being such a hot button issue, PBS has joined in the discussion with its own documentary, After Newtown: Guns in America

After Newtown:  Guns in America is an interesting documentary from PBS.  It is anything but an argumentative piece.  Rather, it is a completely unbiased piece that instead of trying to take one side or the other in the ongoing discussion, takes itself squarely out of the crosshairs.  It opts to build up to current discussion by explaining the history of guns in America and the roles that they have played instead of looking mainly at recent events.  Along the course of the history lesson, it offers insight from academics and some of the bigger names involved in the fight for and against gun control.  Among those included are NRA President David Keene, Frank Serpico, and even a former head of the Black Panther Party, among many others.  The insight offered by these individuals paints an even broader picture than what audiences get on a daily basis from the nation’s news outlets. 

The interviews shared on both sides of the gun are enlightening.  They are just part of what audiences will enjoy throughout the program’s near hour-long run-time.  Also included in the program is actual footage from some of the most tragic shootings, including the recent, Colorado shooting at the July 2012 premiere of Warner Brothers’ The Dark Knight Rises.  There is also footage of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and even of the gun and bullets that killed former Beatle John Lennon.  The radio broadcast from that fateful day is there, too.  It does so much to help fully display the impact that guns have had on our nation through the ages.  It’s quite interesting to see how guns started out primarily as a means of defense from tyranny, to being used for crime.  That de-evolution in the use of the gun is a very bold statement.  And it is certain to expand on the discussion started in the short length of this program.    

The discussions that will be created through the material in After Newtown: Guns in America are sure to become rather intense at times.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It means that PBS and those behind the presentation have done their collective jobs on this piece.  That makes it a work that yet again proves the importance of public broadcasting, especially today.  In an age when it is really the last vestige of true educational and informative programming, programming such as this would not exist without viewer support.  What better way to support programming such as this than to order the DVD online at the PBS online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=18967286&cp=2809871.19467756&sr=1&origkw=After+Newtown&parentPage=family

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