New WWII Doc Presents Stories From The War Below The Waves

Courtesy: Smithsonian Channel/Public Media Distribution

Public Media Distribution and Smithsonian Channel are partnering to bring audiences some rarely told tales from World War II this spring.

Hell Below will be released on DVD on Tuesday, April 8. The six-part series presents stories of the war below the waves throughout World War II. It starts in 1940 as Hitler’s U-Boats start attacking allied convoys in the Atlantic and the Allies’ response to the attacks.

The series’ second segment, “Hitler’s Revenge,” begins in December 1941.  Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Karl Donitz, German Commander of U-Boats, looks to capitalize on the chaos that ensued with what was dubbed Operation Drumbeat.  He orders five German subs to sail to New York Harbor and launch an attack there, which they did with some success.

The impact of the attacks on Pearl Harbor and New York are presented in the series’ next segment, “America Fights Back.”  This segment shows America’s efforts to transform its sub fleet from patrol vehicles to predators.  The effort is fraught with danger, too, as is evidenced in this episode.

The segments listed here are just part of the story presented in Hell Below.  The series has three more episodes for audiences to take in, including a gripping story about a June 1944 effort by an Allied sub crew to save Allied commandos in Japanese-held Borneo and an equally powerful story about the USS Tang that will keep audiences just as engaged.

The six segments that make up the body of Hell Below span almost five hours on two discs.  The double-disc set will retail for MSRP of $29.99.  It can be pre-ordered online now via PBS’ online store at a reduced price of $24.99.

More information on this and other programs from Smithsonian Channel is available online now at:










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