Prey For Sunday Debuts More Music From Its New EP

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Independent rock band Prey For Sunday debuted its latest single this week.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Broken Hearted Man’ and its video Thursday. The song — available to stream and download through Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music — is the latest single from the band’s self-titled EP, which was released in February. The band premiered the EP’s lead single, ‘Don’t Let It End‘ and its video the same day as the EP’s release.

The lyrical content featured in ‘Broken Hearted Man’ is autobiographical according to front man Tony Persico.

“The Song Broken Hearted Man is a true story based on the life of my brother Justin Persico,” he said. “He’s my younger brother, so that was fun, but anyone who has brothers know what I mean. Let’s just say it can go both ways quick. The story follows us as we were teens growing up in Seneca IL. It’s a coming of age kinda tale I guess.”

Added Persico, “Most times were good, but when drugs and drinking started happening on the reg it also simultaneously started us down a wrong path and at times the video depicts what that was like too see your younger brother who you love, slip into that hard place; a hard place that’s also very difficult too be delivered from. This was a hard story to tell, a familiar story that I’m sure people have probably went threw themselves. As time goes on and a ton of arguments and fights later – as he’s being pulled through the wall its a reminder too us all that your prayers will breakthrough.”

The song’s video reflects Persico’s story. It features Persico and his band mates performing the new single atop a skyscraper and in a dimly lit studio setting. As the band performs the single, another figure is seen sitting at a table, drinking large amounts of alcohol. Eventually, the studio setting is shown separated by a wall, which Persico destroys with a baseball bat before taking the other man’s (his brother) hand, singing about how much his brother means to him.

The musical arrangement that accompanies the song’s autobiographical nature pairs well with that story. That is because it is an emotionally heavy song. It is largely unlike that of ‘Don’t Let It End,’ which is far more up tempo.

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