SAD, HRS To Debut ‘Rock Star’ Video Next Week

Courtesy:  Nigel Skeet/Homeless Rock Stars/Shimon Moore

Courtesy: Nigel Skeet/Homeless Rock Stars/Shimon Moore

Next Tuesday, Screaming At Demons will debut the video for its new song ‘Rock Star.’ The video, a six-minute music video/documentary hybrid will debut on the band’s Vevo channel. The video’s intent is to help benefit the nationally known homeless organization Homeless Rock Stars. The brainchild of photographer Nigel Skeet, Homeless Rock Stars officially went global this summer.

Screaming at Demons front man Shimon Moore travelled to Redding, California this summer to film and take part in a Homeless Rock Stars youth event. The result of the event is the video for the song, whose sales will go to benefit Homeless Rock Stars. More than seventy members of the Redding community took part in the event. Their contributions included interviewing and restoring members of the local homeless population. Among the volunteers at the event were local members of the local city council, community leaders, and business leaders. The recent event is just the first phase of Homeless Rock Stars’ plans. Events have already been planned to take place across America throughout 2016.

Screaming at Demons will release ‘Rock Star’ worldwide next Tuesday, October 6th at 10pm ET/7pm PST. It will not be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or any other online outlet. The only way that the song can be purchased is through donations to Homeless Rock Stars. Audiences will be given a number to which they can text at the end of the video in order to donate. After donating, the song will be sent directly to users’ phones and e-mail. The United Way of Northern California is the fiscal agent of Homeless Rock Stars. More information on Homeless Rock Stars including all of its latest news is available online now at:



More information on Screaming At Demons is available online now along with a trailer for the band’s upcoming full-length studio recording at:



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