The Dead Daisies Mark Independence Day With ‘American Band’ Video Premiere

Courtesy: Chipster PR

The Dead Daisies is celebrating America’s birthday with the debut of the video for its cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘American Band.’

The song is taken from the band’s recently released debut live recording Live & Louder. The mixes footage of the band’s live performance of the song with other “American” elements including the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore and much more for full visual impact of the patriotic composition’s musical and lyrical content.

The video is streaming online now here.

The band made the announcement of today’s video premiere last Thursday along with making the song available to stream and download online the same day.

Front man John Corabi discussed the band’s history with the song in a recent video, pointing out the band’s link to the song started during an Asian tour in support of America’s military.

“We first did ‘American Band’ by Grand Funk Railroad for our troops in South Korea,” Corabi said.  “We wanted to bring a little bit of something “American” to our men and women in uniform, and give them a taste of home.  So what better way than a American tune by a legendary American band?  The song went over so well, we decided to keep playing it and subsequently recorded it for our Live & Louder album.  Enjoy the Daisies version, the video and the FREEDOM the troops are fighting for on this celebration of our independence as a young, sovereign nation!!!”

Audiences can stream and download the band’s live take of ‘American Band’ online now via SpotifyiTunes and its official website.  More information on the band’s “new” song and video is available online now along with the band’s latest news at:










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