‘You’ve Got Me’ Is A Record That Every Family Should “Get”

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Family entertainer Sara Lovell returned late this past April with her latest full-length album Wild Is April.  If online outlet Amazon is to be believed, it is not the veteran singer-songwriter’s only recent release.  According to Amazon’s website, Lovell’s award-winning 2016 album You’ve Got Me got the re-issue treatment this past April, too.  To be more specific, Amazon lists it with a release date of April 20, which is a Friday,  Interestingly enough, it is the only retailer – other than band camp and CD Baby – that lists her album, but neither one has an April 20 re-issue date.  Neither Best Buy not Target even have it listed.  So this is intriguing to say the very least.  Regardless of whether or not You’ve Got Me has recently been released, it cane be said that it is an album that while not perfect, is still an enjoyable offering in its own right that every family will want to “get.”  That is due in part to the varied musical arrangements exhibited throughout its 18 total songs.  The album’s lyrical themes are just as varied as its musical arrangements.  They will be discussed a little bit later.  The album’s sequencing puts the last touch to its presentation.  Each element is important in its own way to the album’s whole.  All things considered, they make You’ve Got Me a record that certainly families everywhere will want to get.

Sara Lovell’s 2016 album You’ve Got Me is a solid effort from the veteran family entertainer and singer-songwriter.  It is a record that families everywhere definitely should want to get.  That is proven in part through the musical arrangements presented in each of the record’s 18 total songs.  From the gentle flowing, folksy sound in the album’s title track to the old school jazzy arrangement at the center of ‘The Midnight Secret Sock Party’ to the upbeat “poppy” arrangement that forms the foundation of ‘Dance Like There’s Music In Your Pants’ and beyond, the arrangements that make up the musical body of this record collectively go a long way toward ensuring listeners’ maintained engagement and entertainment.  If the noted arrangements, aren’t enough proof, there’s still plenty more to appreciate here, musically speaking.  ‘The Skeleton Band’ is a fun, spooky arrangement that will appeal to jazz and blues fans thanks to its bouncy, piano-driven arrangement.  ‘An Unbreakable Cord’ is a heartwarming, piano-driven work about the love of a parent for a child whose arrangement lends itself easily to thoughts of Sarah McLaughlin and other similar singers.  ‘Everybody Has A Body’ is equally enjoyable work with its musical lesson about anatomy that certainly harkens to the beloved standard ‘Dem Bones.’  Unlike that song, this song’s arrangement is centered on a steel drum line that will certainly have young listeners dancing and singing along.  It’s one more example of why the album’s arrangements are so critical to its success.  Keeping this in mind, each of the songs discussed here, when joined with the works not directly discussed give listeners more than enough reason to enjoy this album.  Of course, even as much as the album’s arrangements do to prove why this 55-minute album is one that families should want to get, they are collectively not the album’s only key element.  The album’s lyrical themes – as has already been lightly discussed – play into its presentation, too.

The lyrical themes presented throughout this album are just as diverse from start to end as its musical arrangement.  As already noted, ‘Everybody Has A Body’ is a musical anatomy lesson somewhat in the vein of ‘Dem Bones,’ which teaches listeners about the different bones that make up the body.  This song focuses on more than just the body’s bone structure, opting instead to take things a bit further.  ‘We Get Up In The Morning’ is a way for parents to teach children the reason to get up each day.  As Lovell sings time and again, “We get up in the morning ‘cause the morning is good/The trees so high/Grass is green/Everything is smiling because it’s morning.”  She goes on to sing, “Ready for the day/Ready now to play/Jump up/Run around/Got a song to sing for every little thing/Gonna have fun ‘cause it’s morning.”  No one, regardless of age, likes getting up in the morning.  So this is a good way to encourage little ones to wake up and embrace each new day.  Who knows, grown-ups might even find some inspiration from this spirited opus and its positive lyrical theme.  Also already noted is the lyrical theme at the center of ‘An Unbreakable Cord.’  This song is clearly about a parent’s connection to a child.  Lovell’s subject sings here, “There’s accord that ties you to me/Your heart to mine/An invisible string/A cord that always keeps us close/Connecting us wherever we may go.”  She adds as she sings to the child, “We found each other, yes it’s true/From all the others I chose you/An unbreakable bond for all of time/that makes me yours and makes you mine.”  From here, there’s mention of that familial connection being there no matter where the child goes as he/she gets older and no matter how old that child gets.  It’s a truly touching and heartwarming statement that when joined with its musical counterpart, makes this moment one of the album’s finest and most memorable.  It’s just one more way in which the album’s lyrical themes prove the enjoyment factor of You’ve Got Me.  ‘Oh I’m Bored’ is a song from which every child and parent alike can take something important as it is sung from a child’s standpoint of a kid stuck inside on a rainy day and whose parents don’t want to do anything with the child.  It’s an important statement because there are so many parents who don’t want to do anything with their kids, sadly.  ‘Tell Me Who’s The Monster’ takes on the issue of monster under the bed and in the closet.  It works, lyrically, to dispel the fear of that non-existent creature.  It does so with the use of a somewhat sarcastic lyrically delivery that said to the alleged beast, “I’m not afraid of you and neither is my kid!”  It’s another great addition to the album and yet another example of the importance of the album’s lyrical themes to its presentation.  While the lyrical themes clearly play an integral part in proving why families should want to get You’ve Got Me, they are, collectively, still not the last support for that statement.  The album’s sequencing also supports that note.


The sequencing of this near hour-long record is so important to note beca=use of the depth that it adds to the album’s presentation.  From start to end, listeners will note with a close listen that the album actually takes listeners from sunup to sundown pretty much in order.  What’s more, as the album progresses, the lyrical themes and arrangements vary from one to the next, never staying too long on one style of music or another.  From the joy of the morning to the random positive vibes from encouraging getting up and dancing to the complete randomness of a parent telling a child not to play the piano with his/her toes and nose and its equally positive energy and more, the album changes things up just enough from one song to the next right up to the album’s end.  The constant change in lyrical themes and even stylistic approach more than ensures maintained engagement and entertainment for whole families, showing that the time and thought put into the album’s sequencing definitely paid off.  The success raised through that thought and effort couples with the success in the record’s diverse lyrical themes and equally diverse musically arrangements to make the album in whole a wonderful offering from Lovell and a record that families everywhere should want to get for themselves.

Sara Lovell’s award-winning 2016 album You’ve Got Me is without a doubt a presentation that was fully deserving of its award.  It is a work that every family should want to get.  That is due in no small part to its varied musical arrangements, which will certainly ensure listeners’ engagement and entertainment.  The record’s lyrical themes are just as varied and entertaining as its musical arrangements.  Their variance is just as certain to keep listeners engaged and entertained.  The record’s sequencing puts the final touch to its presentation and proves even more why this record is a work that every family will want to get.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on You’ve Got Me is available along with information on Lovell’s latest LP, Wild is Everywhere and all of Sara Lovell’s latest news and more at:




Website: http://saralovell.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/saralovellmusic

Twitter: http://twitter.com/saralovell




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