Shout! Factory Kicking Off Kovacs Celebration Early

Courtesy: Shout! Factory

Shout! Factory is getting a head start on the celebration of Ernie Kovacs’ upcoming birthday.

January 23, 2019 will be the 100th birthday of the late, great entertainer, and in honor of the occasion, Shout! Factory is releasing a new box set this week featuring Kovacs’ most memorable moments in Ernie KovacsThe Centennial Edition.  The nine-disc collection is scheduled to be released Nov. 13.

The in-depth retrospective 22 hours of Kovacs’ comedy culled from his many moments on television, including, but not limited to, his his local and national morning shows, his prime-time TV work, his ABC specials and the rare color version of his silent show Eugene 3.  Also included in the set are highlights from his hit series Take A Good LookA Pony For Chris and the pilot for the series Medicine Man, which co-starred Buster Keaton.

Along with the primary content, the collection also features an extensive list of bonuses, which are listed below.

  • 1987 ATAS Hall Of Fame Induction
  • Andy McKay 8mm Home Movies
  • Audio Lost
  • Baseball Film
  • Charlie Clod In Brazil
  • Dutch Masters Commercials
  • Ernie’s Opening Monologue
  • Home Movies: Golf With Edie And Ernie
  • Howard, The World’s Strongest Ant on “A Hot Date” and “Howard’s Campground”
  • Interview: Algernon Gerard, Archaeologist
  • Interview: The World At Your Doorstep
  • Introducing Coloratura Mimi Cosnowski
  • Irving Wong: Tin Pan Alley Songwriter
  • J. Burlington Gearshift
  • Making Of “Baseball Film”
  • Martin Krutch, Public Eye
  • Matzoh Hepplewhite
  • Miklos Molnar’s Glue
  • Muriel Cigars Commercials Featuring Edie Adams
  • Original Theatrical Trailers: “Wake Me When It’s Over” And “Five Golden Hours”
  • Our Man In Havana” Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Percy Dovetonsils : “Ode To A Housefly”, “Ode To Electricity” and “Ode To Stanley’s Pussycat”
  • Remembering Ernie With George Schlatter And Jolene Brand
  • Rock Mississippi In “Fingers Under Weskit”
  • Silents Please
  • Skodney Silsky, Hollywood Reporter
  • Strangely Believe It: Writers To Blame
  • Superclod Test
  • Surprise Audience Member
  • Take A Good Look: “Clues” and “Sales Film”
  • The Kapusta Kid In Outer Space Meets Olivia Scilloscope
  • The Mysterious Knockwurst
  • Trailer For “Operation Mad Ball” – “It Happened To Ernie” 

Limited Edition sets of never-Before-Available-Or-Seen lithographs are also available in celebration of Kovacs’ career starting at $250 for the unframed pictures.  Professionally-framed lithos start at $1,000.

Courtesy: Shout! Factory


Courtesy: Shout! Factory

More information on this and other titles from Shout! Factory is available online now at:





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