Another Day Dawns’ New EP Should Be No “Stranger” To Mainstream Rock Fans

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Another year has officially dawned, and with it so will lots of new music for audiences.  While the year is still very young, some of the year’s most notable new music is sure to come from independent hard rock band Another Day Dawns.  The PA-based band is scheduled to release its new EP Stranger Jan. 31.  The five song record is anchored by its lead single ‘Taste of Heaven,’ which will easily appeal to fans of Seether.  It will be addressed shortly, as it is just one of the songs that stands out in this record.  Also of note in the EP is the song ‘Am I,’ which immediately precedes ‘Taste of Heaven.’  This work will be addressed a little later.   The deeply emotional ‘Never Okay,’ which is the record’s penultimate track, is another key addition to the EP.  When it is considered alongside ‘Am I,’ ‘Taste of Heaven’ and the record’s remaining trio of songs, the end result is a work that will ensure many positive new days will dawn for Another Day Dawns.

Up-and-coming independent hard rock band Another Day Dawns is on the verge of becoming one of mainstream rock’s next big names.  That is due to the group’s forthcoming EP Stranger.  The five-song record boasts a collective of compositions that immediately lend themselves to comparisons to songs from the likes of Seether and Three Days Grace.  The record’s lyrical content will generate just as much engagement and entertainment as its musical content.  The EP’s forthcoming lead single ‘Taste of Heaven,’ which is set for release Jan. 8, is just one of the songs that serves to support the noted statements.  The song’s mid-tempo, guitar-driven composition is full of catchy hooks and choruses throughout its nearly three-and-a-half-minute run time.  It is an arrangement that is a radio ready work, without any doubt.  While the song’s arrangement is a strong point to its overall body, it is just part of what makes the song stand out.  The song’s lyrical content adds its own touch to that body.

Front man Dakota Sean, whose vocal delivery sounds like a hybrid of Seether front man Shaun Morgan and Dope front man Edsel Dope – yes it sounds like a weird comparison, but it’s there, and even more interestingly, it works — sings in the song’s lead verse, “Should have been the same old story/Lovers fall in love/The end/But with you/Things aren’t boring/Didn’t see the trouble I stepped in/Red flags don’t lie/Like the devil in your eyes/But I let your sex control me/Hooked on all your alibis/Should have known right from the start/Should have known just who you are/You just want a taste of Heaven/Now I’m falling from the stars/As I’m calling out your name/I want you bad/But you won’t stay/You just want a taste of Heaven/Spit me out and walk away”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “Should have seen your colors changing/Like a mood ring with a curse/Slip you on and you’re an angel/Slip you off, it’s in reverse/No air/Can’t breathe/Still tied up in your sheets/Pray to God somebody saves me/you locked the door and threw away the key.”  The group returns to the chorus from there, eventually making its way to the song’s solid finale.  There is no doubt left in listeners’ minds as to the song’s theme in examining these lyrics.  The song’s subject is dealing with a love interest who has made his/her life anything but good.  In simple terms, it’s a breakup song that finds the song’s subject looking back on that now broken relationship.  The accessible lyrics make it easy for listeners to connect with that message, and in total, the song.  The composition’s equally accessible composition sits alongside those lyrics to make the song in whole a strong start for the EP.  They also serve to show in part why the EP is a work that could break ADD into the mainstream.

‘Taste of Heaven’ was a good choice for a lead single for Another Day Dawns’ new EP.  It is just one of the record’s most notable works, too.  ‘Am I,’ which immediately precedes ‘Taste of Heaven’ is notable in its own right.  The song’s melodic hard rock arrangement lends itself just as easily to comparisons to works from Three Days Grace and Seether as ‘Taste of Heaven.’  Making the musical arrangement stand out even more is that the composition bears its own unique identity separate from the rest of the record’s works.  It has the same feel as its counterparts, but still stands as its own unique work.  Lyrically speaking, the song comes across as another work that focuses on the matter of a broken relationship.  Yet even with that familiarity in mind, the band has managed to find a new way to present that theme.

Sean sings in the song’s lead verse, “Take my brain and wash away/All the blame you dump on me/All your lies are clear as day/They’re a coverup!/As I’m holding you like this/I can taste a stranger’s kiss/Your alibis are full of s***/Wasn’t I good enough?/This is our reckoning/I’m not that stupid/Am I, am I the one who’s bleeding/Am I, am I getting even/Go live your secret life you’re leading/Am I, am I the one who’s leaving?”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “Did I pick you ‘cause you’re bad/Like an echo from my past/We’re just like my mom and dad/There’s no happy ending/The truth is I’ve been had.”  The song turns back to its chorus from here as it makes its way to its finale.  The note here from the song’s subject of comparing his/her parents’ seemingly broken relationship to that of his/her relationship with his/her significant other makes for an interesting conversation point.  We all talk about getting into relationships with people who are like one of our parents or the other.  That seems to be what this subject is hinting at having possibly done here.  At the same time, the song’s subject is making note that what’s happened is the fault of that significant other, not himself/herself.    He/she realizes what has happened, but is still just angry about the situation, and justifiably so.  It is that beginning phase of realizing the relationship is over.  To that end, all of this taken into consideration makes the song that much more noteworthy.  That content set against the song’s musical content adds even more engagement and entertainment value to the song.  Together, the two elements make the song stand out against the rest of the EP’s songs that much more.

While ‘Am I’ and ‘Taste of Heaven’ go a long way toward showing what makes Stranger a strong offering from Another Day Dawns, they are just a portion of the EP’s positive marks.  ‘Never Okay’ is quite notable in its own right.  The song’s musical  arrangement starts out with just one guitar and Sean’s vocals.  That flowing, subtle approach eventually gives way to a more powerful melodic hard rock ballad style approach roughly halfway through the song.  That eventual change works to illustrate the emotion in the song’s deeply emotional lyrical content.

The song’s lyrical content focuses on the feelings that many people feel every day, but would otherwise not talk about, whether it be due to the stigma of expressing said emotions or for another reason.  Sean sings in the song’s lead verse, “No one knows the other side/I buried it in my backyard/It’s buried six feet deep/No one knows how hard I tried to keep the smile/safe/It’s not so fun when everyone is kicking on your face/I’m never okay.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “Everyone just stares at me/Not knowing where I’ve been/It’s just another day wearing someone else’s skin/I’ve buried them in the yard next to my old friends/And when I’m feeling bored again/I dress up and play pretend/I’m never okay.”  Yet again, this is lyrical content that is relatively accessible to audiences.  It is something to which so many listeners can certainly relate.  Talking about those feelings of depression and worthlessness is something that more people deal with around the world than many would like to admit.  To that end, that alone will make this song a favorite to many.  Those relatable lyrics set against the song’s equally strong musical content makes the song that much more powerful.  When the song is considered along with ‘Am I,’ ‘Taste of Heaven’ and the record’s other three entries, the whole of the EP becomes a work that, given the right support, could make Another Day Dawns one of the next big names in the mainstream rock realm.

Another Day Dawns’ new forthcoming EP Stranger is an important work for the independent hard rock band.  That is because from start to finish, it presents musical and lyrical content that is collectively accessible to the masses.  Every one of the record’s songs would fit easily into any mainstream rock radio programmer’s daily list.  The songs addressed here are proof of that.  All things considered, Stranger proves itself to be a record that should not be a stranger to any rock fan.  Stranger is scheduled for release Jan. 31.  More information on the record is available online along with all of ADD’s latest news at:










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