Lufeh Debuts ‘Doors’ Video

Courtesy: Asher Media Relations

Prog-rock band Lufeh debuted the video for another new single this week.

The band debuted the video for its latest single ‘Doors‘ Monday.  The song is the latest from the band’s debut album Luggage Falling Down.  Its debut follows the release of the album’s singles ‘Escape,’ ‘My World,’ ‘Find My Way,’ ‘The Unknown,’ and ‘The Edge.’

As with the band’s previous videos,  the treatment for ‘Doors’ once again places the band into a pseudo live setting to give audiences an idea of what the band looks and sounds like in a live setting.  The song’s musical arrangement is a presentation that will appeal to fans of Dream Theater while its lyrical content will garner its own interest among audiences.

The band addressed the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“‘The Doors’ takes us to new places much as the title would suggest,” the statement reads. “It tells an emotional story, but one that ultimately ends in triumph. It is a fun track because of the speed at which this band is capable of taking the listener through a series of different musical moods. It’s emotionally and instrumentally perhaps the most diverse songs on the album.”

Luggage Falling Down is available to stream and download through SpotifyApple Music and Lufeh’s official Bandcamp page.  The album’s track list is noted below.


Track Listing:
1. Find My Way (4:25)
2. The Unknown (3:36)
3. Doors (4:06)
4. Trial of Escapade (4:24)
5. My World (4:52)
6. End of The Road (4:05)
7. Escape (4:03)
8. The Edge (4:04)
Album Length: 33:39


More information about Lufeh’s new single and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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