The Gary Releases New EP; EP’s Lead Single, Video Streaming Now

Courtesy: Act Your Age Records/Sinkhole Texas, Inc.

Independent rock band The Gary released its first studio recording in more than six years this week.

The band released its new EP Fallow Friday. The six-song EP was released through Act Your Age Records/Sinkhole Texas, Inc. The band unveiled the video for the EP’s lead single, ‘Info’ last month. The black-and-white video in question features various lines of footage, such as a beachfront pier, the band performing in a small club setting, and waves gently rolling onto the beach as the song plays over the imagery.

The song itself features a clear post-grunge style sound and stylistic approach. It will especially appeal to fans of Nirvana.

In regards to its lyrical theme, front man Dave Norwood said the song is a commentary takes on the familiar topic of technology’s impact on humans.

“’Info’ is about our divorce from actuality and the substandard conditions of the virtual world,” he said. “It compares the endless internet scroll to “a blighted river” and suggests that it takes far more than it gives, dulling one’s edge and replacing one’s brain space with useless and impertinent information.”

“The song was written after a night of scrolling, hitting the refresh button over and over again, and feeling none the better,” added Norwood. “They should rename the refresh button because the more I hit it, the grosser I feel.”

More information on The Gary’s new EP, single, and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:



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