Slo/Tide Debuts ‘Neck High’ Video

Courtesy: Feltone Music

Slo/Tide debuted the video for its debut single this week.

The act, which is the side project of Underoath front man Spencher Chamblain, premiered the video for its single ‘Neck High‘ Thursday. The debut came less than a month after the act debuted the song by itself.

The video treatment matches the 80s new wave sound exhibited in the song’s musical arrangement. That is evidenced through the use of the lighting and general cinematography used in the visualization. Chamberlain is shown dancing to the song as he sings while the song plays over the video.

Chamberlain, during a recent interview with Brooklynvegan, talked about the video treatment.

“This being my first video for my solo project slo/tide I wanted to bring in long time homie Max Gensler on this first round of visuals; he’s the same dude that’s been on tour with me in the past shooting video and came out to the studio while I was tracking the slo/tide album to shoot bts footage there as well. I consider Max a part of the slo/tide family and I’m stoked for everyone to see what we did!”

Chamberlain recently spoke about that dramatic difference in style and sound in a prepared statement.

“I’ve been writing music since I was a kid and 9 times out of 10 it’s not the heavy music the world knows of me,” he said. “slo/tide was an idea I started in 2015, but the songs started coming together in 2019-early 2021. “Neck High” was created after jamming with my friends in Sir Sly for over ten hours – the last song I wrote before the pandemic and the first taste for the listener to see how the other side of my brain works.

In regards to the song’s lyrical content, Chamberlain said it delivers a positive message.

In this song I’m singing to myself in a hopeful tone about how no matter how bad things seem, I’ve always found a way to swim through it,” said Chamberlain. “So here’s “Neck High” – I hope you enjoy it.”

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