Grammer’s New EP Offers Another Pair Of Pop Hits

Courtesy:  S-Curve Records/MSO PR

Courtesy: S-Curve Records/MSO PR

Crazy Beautiful, Andy Grammer’s new EP, is a nice follow-up to the hit pop artist’s debut self-titled album.  Though it boasts only three tracks, (one of which being a live version of the title track), Grammer has shown with this latest release that he has picked right back up where he left off with his debut self-titled album released last year.  The two studio songs included on this EP are solid fits for any wedding reception.  Even the live acoustic take of the EP’s title track would be, too.  This is because of how well the song translated from studio to live show.  Keeping this in mind, it would seem best to start off with the EP’s title track.

The EP’s opener is just as poppy as any of the songs on Grammer’s debut record.  And it would be no surprise if it was in fact a b-side that simply didn’t find its way onto that record.  It’s an easily accessible song with its mix of poppy music and equally upbeat lyrics.  That mix of music and lyrics does a relatively good job of translating the feelings of a young man who has just fallen in love with a very special woman.  He sings, in the song’s chorus, “Isn’t she cra-crazy beautiful/Isn’t she strange, strange and wonderful/I think I love her/More than I will ever know.”  It’s that emotion of wanting to express one’s joy from the highest mountain peaks. The crescendo of the strings through the chorus sections helps to establish the emotions building inside the young man in question portrayed in this song.  It’s a subtle addition.  But it is a nice addition nonetheless that adds a certain extra touch to the song.  While the strings aren’t there in the live acoustic take on the song included in this EP, the addition of a gentle piano in their place helps to set the mood just as much.  That, perhaps, is what helps to give the song a new identity in its live setting.  Or maybe it’s that combined with the acoustic guitar.  Either way, audiences will find the live acoustic take on the song just as enjoyable as the studio version, if not more so.

If the EP’s title track is a good song for any wedding reception during this wedding season, then the second song included in the new EP is an even better fit.  It’s simply titled, ‘I Choose You.’  And it is in fact about getting married.  Grammer sings in this song, “I choose you/To be by my side/I choose you/To hold me at night/It’s the biggest decision/I’m about to get right/I choose you/I choose you/I was worried/I would not know what to do/When I was in these shoes/But standing here/it’s clearer than the sky is blue/That I choose you.”  Here we go from a young man in love to a man about to propose to perhaps the same young woman and take what is, as he states, the biggest decision.  This song screams wedding reception song.  And if a young bride isn’t moved to even more tears in hearing this song, dancing with her new groom, then something is wrong with that young woman. 

Fans wanting to hear ‘I Choose You’ or the EP’s title track live will have a couple more chances as Grammer has at least two more tour dates before wrapping his current tour.  He will be performing tonight at Ovations Live in Chandler, Arizona.  Tomorrow night, he will be Rodeo Park in Folsom, California.  After that, fans can keep up with Andy’s future live dates on Facebook at or on his official website,  Fans that won’t get the chance to see Grammer perform live can still order his new EP online.  It can be ordered online at

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