PBS Distribution Adding More Content To Its Prime Streaming Channel

Courtesy: PBS Distribution

PBS Distribution is adding more PBS Kids content to its streaming service next month.

Pinkalicious & PeterifficA Pinkaperfect Birthday and Let’s Go LunaVolume 3 will be added to the company’s PBS Kids Prime Video Channel.  In the new Pinkalicious & Peteriffic special, it’s Pinkalicious’ birthday, and she gets her birthday wish — everything turns pink.  The problem is that not everyone is as enthusiastic about everything being pink as she is, so she and her friends take a trip to Fairyland to find the Birthday Fairy to undo her wish.

Let’s Go LunaVolume 3 continues Luna’s adventures around the world with her friends, the group learning more lessons about different cultures and peoples. This latest collection picks up where Let’s Go LunaVolume 2 left off, featuring episodes 11-15.

The first short in episode 11 is titled “Guitar To Sitar.”  The strings on Carmen’s guitar need replacement as she is writing a song for her mother’s birthday, leading to the a bazaar where she searches for new strings.  This leads her to the discovery of a sitar.  The episode’s second segment, “Spring Has Not Sprung” continue the group’s adventures in India.  Andy wants to get some photos of Delhi’s springtime settings, but the gray clouds cause some problems for him.

Episode 14 finds Luna and company down under in Australia.  The first half of this episode, “Boomin’ Boomerang,” finds Carmen being asked to take part in a boomerang competition, but she is struggling with her self-confidence.  It’s up to her and her friends to make her believe she has what it takes to compete.  The episode’s second short, “House Music” takes the gang to the famed Sydney Opera House as Andy wants to hear the band Syd and the Sydneys.

Luna herself takes center stage in Episode 15’s first half, “You Can’t Move The Moon.”  Luna has to take the place of Salami Strong in a sumo wrestler match in this episode after Salami is injured ahead of the match.  The episode’s second short, “Lizardzilla!,” reveals the magic of the movie industry and reminds young viewers that movies are just that, movies.  This is done as Leo admits he is too afraid to watch the movie Lizardzilla.

These episodes are just a portion of what audiences can expect in Let’s Go Luna!Volume 3.  Episodes 13 and 12 are also featured in the new volume.

Families can subscribe to PBS Kids’ Prime Video Channel for $4.99/month. Full episodes of Pinkalicious & Peterific and Let’s Go Luna! are also available for free on PBS Kids/ 24/7 channel on television and online at each show’s official website.

Pinkalicious & Peterific‘s official websites are located at:


Website: http://www.thinkpinalicious.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pinkalicious


Let’s Go Luna!‘s official websites are located at:


Website: http://pbskids.org/luna

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LetsGoLunaHQ


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