Shihori Debuts New Single, ‘I Cover You’

Courtesy: Independent Music Promotions

Independent singer-songwriter Shihori debuted her new single over the weekend.

Shihori debuted her new single ‘I Cover You‘ Friday. The song is the third and last in what she has dubbed the “Self-Compassion Series.”

She opened the series of songs in August with the debut of her single, ‘Perfect Imperfection.’ Its debut was followed by the premiere of the series’ second song ‘Soul Trip‘ last month.

The gentle, flowing work is centered around a piano and cello line that. That instrumentation couples with Shihori’s vocal sound and delivery style, which is akin to that of Norah Jones, to make the song even more moving and powerful.

Even more interesting about the song’s musical arrangement is that it incorporates a classical composition into its whole to add to its appeal. Giovanni Bottesini’s ‘Elegy No. 1 for Double Bass and Piano’ can be heard in the song’s bridge.

While the song’s title incorporates the use of the word “elegy,” which is typically a melancholic poem that reflects on the past, this song is actually quite uplifting and positive in its sound and its lyrical content.

The lyrical content in question is meant to inspire and encourage listeners, as Shihori pointed out in a recent interview.

“It’s kind of difficult to catch your true feeling or thoughts all the time in overly busy days or highly stressful times,” she said. “But if you’re really exhausted and have no energy just to be positive, you simply need to love yourself.”

“Listen to yourself, accept and sympathize with the voice from your inner self – take care of yourself,” she added.

‘I Cover You’ is available to stream and download here.

More information on Shihori’s new single is available along with all of her latest news at:




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