Lovebreakers Debuts ‘Primary Colours’ Video

Courtesy: Wiretap Records

Lovebreakers’ recently released single, ‘Laura‘ apparently was not the last from its forthcoming debut album.

The band announced in March, that the song in question was the last from its new album, Primary Colours, which is scheduled for release Friday through Wiretap Records. However on Monday, the band released the video for what is now the album’s fifth single in the form of the album’s title track.

The premiere of ‘Primary Colours’ follows — again — that of ‘Laura,’ as well as that of the songs: ‘Family Man,’ ‘Horizons,’ and ‘Eye Roller,’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Primary Colours’ is a catchy pop-rock style composition. The light guitars and vocal delivery hints at a 1980s rock influence. More specifically, it lends itself to comparison to perhaps work from the J. Geils Band.

No information was provided in the press release announcing the debut of the band’s new single. A close listen leads to the belief that the song’s lyrical theme focuses on perhaps just he need to get away from all the negativity surrounding one’s self. That is just this critic’s own interpretation.

The video for ‘Primary Colours’ features the band’s member performing the new song in front of a green screen. The screen in question places imagery, such as palm trees, the open road and various geometric shapes behind the band members.

Pre-orders are open for Primary Colours through the band’s official Bandcamp page, and on vinyl in the U.S. and UK. More information on the band’s new album, single, and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:



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