Galactic Empire Makes A “Forceful” Debut With Its “Star Wars Main Theme” Cover

Courtesy:  Rise Records/Velocity Records

Courtesy: Rise Records/Velocity Records

The force has officially awoken. Disney’s new mega-blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens is breaking box office records across the country right now. And more than likely so are the movie’s related ad campaigns breaking their own records. And there’s no telling just how many videos are out there featuring people performing music from the original franchise (or its prequels). Speaking of those performances there is now one more to add to that mass in the form of Galactic Empire’s (yes, that’s really the group’s name) take on the famed composition.

Galactic Empire, whose members actually don the costumes of famous figures from the Star Wars universe, debuted the video this week for its cover of composer/director John Williams’ theme from the original Star Wars franchise. The band’s performance of the song can be viewed online now via YouTube at The performance mixes elements of djent with a power metal feel similar to that of Powerglove and others of that ilk for a take on the song that will definitely surprise audiences. It’s not all serious for the band either. There is even a little break in the six minute plus video that reveals the green screen behind the band and more. As of last night, the video had already been viewed more than one million times according to the band’s official Facebook page.

Audiences can download Galactic Empire’s performance of the ‘Star Wars Main Theme’ now via iTunes at The song’s release comes ahead of Galactic Empire’s upcoming debut full-length album, which is currently slated for a Spring 2016 release. No official date has been announced for its release. But fans can keep up with that information and more online now at:




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