‘Uprising Live’ Will Appeal To Bob Marley’s Most Devoted Fans

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Eagle Rock Entertainment will pay tribute Friday, to the late, great reggae legend Bob Marley.  The tribute will come in the form of the new 3LP live recording Uprising Live.  The performance featured in the recording was originally captured at Marley’s June 13, 1980 performance in Dortmund, Germany.  The performance was one part of what would go on to become Marley’s final live tour before his untimely passing from cancer in 1981.  The show was also part of Germany’s well-known Rockpalast concert series.  The 23-song set is a presentation that the most devoted fans of Bob Marley and The Wailers will appreciate.  That is due in part to the concert’s set list, which will be examined shortly.  While the set list does plenty to appeal to the noted audiences, the recording is not perfect.  That it is only available on vinyl detracts somewhat from the appeal.  It does not necessarily make the presentation a failure, though.  This will be discussed a little later.  The recording’s production works with the set list to add to the recording’s appeal, ensuring even more the engagement and entertainment for the noted listeners.  When it is considered alongside the set list, the two elements do plenty to make the recording in whole appealing for audiences who are okay with taking in any recording mainly on vinyl.

Eagle Rock Entertainmnt’s forthcoming Bob Marley live recording Uprising Live is a presentation that will appeal to a very targeted group of listeners.  It will appeal mainly to audiences who prefer vinyl to other forms of music delivery, and in the same vein, to the most devoted Bob Marley fans.  That is proven in part through the recording’s featured set list.  Spanning a total of 23 songs, the set list gives listeners a relatively wide swath of Marley’s catalog at that point.  It reaches all the way back to his 1973 albums Burnin’ and African Herbsman and all the way up to Uprising, which Marley was supporting on the Uprising Tour.  Additionally, Marley’s own then wife (now widow) and her group I Three got some time in the limelight, opening the concert with four consecutive songs.  So he made sure that she and her group got their own attention in the process.  Given, the overall set list is not necessarily a career-spanning presentation, but it still reaches into a wide range of Marley’s albums, including, but not limited to the likes of Exodus, Natty Dread, and Rastaman Vibration.  It would have been easy for Marley and his fellow musicians/performers in The Wailers to focus mainly on Uprising, but they did not go that route.  Instead they opted to give audiences something more along with featuring some songs from that record..  To that end, the overall set list gives listeners plenty to appreciate.

While the set list featured in Uprising Live is a positive presentation in itself, it does lead to the recording’s sole negative, its availability.  The recording is scheduled for release Friday on 3LP and 3LP Deluxe colored vinyl pressings.  There is no CD or digital availability.  That potentially limits sales since not everybody out there is a vinyl fan.  It means that audiences who want the recording will have to purchase a record player in order to be able to take in the recording.  Given, there are audiences who are more devoted to vinyl than other platforms, but there are still people out there who are still more committed to CDs (and even more who are committed to digital).  To that end, this limited availability becomes a negative that cannot be ignored.  It does not make the recording a failure by any means, but is still problematic in its own right.  Moving from there, there is still one more positive to address in the recording.  That positive is its recording.

The production of Uprising Live is important to examine because of how far recording technology has come since 1980.  Considering this, the production was handled relatively well.  There are moments in which the audio is a touch “airy,” but they are rare.  For the most part, the instrumentation and vocals were well-balanced throughout the course of the recording.  Even the audience noise is audible in its own right.  The balance of those audio elements through the production results in a presentation that audiences will enjoy just as much for its sound as for its content.  That is even keeping in mind its limited availability.  All things considered, the recording proves itself a positive presentation for the most devoted Bob Marley fans.

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