Adrenaline Mob’s Fans Will Hold The Band’s New Compilation Dear

Courtesy:  Century Media/Century Media Records

Courtesy: Century Media/Century Media Records

Hard rock band Adrenaline Mob will release its latest record Dearly Departed next month.  The record is the second compilation and its fourth overall release following Omerta (2012), Coverta (2013) and Men of Honor (2014).  It comes almost a year to the day since the band released Men of Honor, too.  And while it is mainly a way to tide over fans until the band releases its next new full-length, it proves in the end to be a rare worthwhile release for the band’s fans.  The record, which is essentially an EP, proves to be a worthwhile compilation thanks to its musical mix.  Not only does it boast the band’s own compositions, but it also presents quite an interesting array of music from the band’s own influences.  Among the influences whose music is included on this record are Black Sabbath, Queen, and of all things The Charlie Daniels Band.  Yes, The Charlie Daniels Band.  Adrenaline Mob offers up its own take on The Charlie Daniels Band’s hit song ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ as part of its upcoming record.  And it goes without saying that this song is the best of the covers featured on this record.  In terms of the band’s own songs, the acoustic take of ‘Crystal Clear’ stands out most of all.  The song’s stripped down sound in its acoustic take gives the song a whole new depth.  The previously unreleased ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’ is just as much of a bonus.  The song is one of likely many more recorded during the sessions for Men of Honor that ended up on the cutting room floor when the album’s final track listing was arranged.  Now fans get to hear this song for themselves.  And as with the record’s other works, it’s just as welcome an addition to the record.  These three tracks are just a fraction of what makes Dearly Departed an enjoyable new compilation from Adrenaline Mob.  The album’s remaining six songs each add their own element to the finished product.  And together with the songs noted here, all nine tracks prove Dearly Departed a record that will be anything but dearly departed in any AMob fan’s music collection.

Adrenaline Mob’s upcoming compilation record Dearly Departed is not the first of the band’s compilations.  And that only two years have passed since the release of Coverta some might be left scratching their heads as to why the band would put the two records so close to one another.  The reason for that is anyone’s guess.  That aside, it still proves in the end to be a good record considering its mix of covers and alternate takes on its own music.  One of the best of the covers included on this record is the band’s cover of The Charlie Daniels Band’s timeless classic ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia.’  The song was originally included on TCDB’s 1979 album Million Mile Reflections.  In the three decades plus since its debut, any number of bands, artists, and groups have covered this song.  There have been some good takes on the song and some not so good takes.  Adrenaline Mob’s take on the classic is one of those that fits into the relatively good category.  Drummer AJ Pero keeps a solid beat while Mike Orlando drives the song forward with his work on the song’s guitar line. Audiences will especially appreciate the old school shredding style exhibited by Orlando in his performance. Even more impressive is that even with that old school shredding, he still keeps the original song’s guitar line intact. He more than deserves his due credit for holding such balance in the song.  And front man Russell Allen gives the song even more punch with the power in his vocals.  Bassist Erik Leonhardt adds just enough low end to round out the song and show that while it may be a country song at its roots, ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ is just as enjoyable as a hard rock song, too.  In proving this, it makes this cover one of the best compositions included in Dearly Departed’s body.

The amped up take on TCDB’s ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ is a great addition to Dearly Departed.  It is one of those songs that while a cover, is already so infectious and popular that it’s a favorite among audiences of all ages.  That Adrenaline Mob would give it a whole new life in its amped up reworking will not only give the song a new identity and life, but it could even serve to bring older audiences who otherwise wouldn’t listen to Adrenaline Mob into the band’s audience base.  It is that impressive.  For that reason alone, ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ more than proves its value to this record.  As valuable as ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ proves to be to the whole of Dearly Departed, the band’s acoustic take of ‘Crystal Clear’ is equally valuable of an addition to the record. The full electric version of the song that is included in Men of Honor is a deeply moving song within itself. But the acoustic take of the song gives it so much more depth and emotion. It’s obvious the amount of work that was put in to bringing this rendition to life. And that work paid off, too. It doesn’t come across as being schmaltzy unlike so many songs of its ilk. If anything, there’s almost a sort of Alter Bridge sound to the song in this take with Allen even sounding like Alter Bridge front man Myles Kennedy at least to some extent. It truly proves by its last notes to be one more of this record’s highest of points.

Both the band’s acoustic take on ‘Crystal Clear’ and its cover of ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ prove to be great additions to Dearly Departed. They make for plenty of reason within themselves for the band’s fans to add this compilation to their music libraries. One more song included on the album that proves itself just as impressive is the previously unreleased song ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night.’ The song was recorded during the band’s sessions for Men of Honor but ultimately ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor when the album’s final track listing was established. It’s a surprise that it did end up there, too. It is a full throttle rocker that impresses just as much as the other songs that make up the body of Men Of Honor. It is one of those musical middle fingers to those that live only to make the lives of others miserable to which any listener will relate. That’s obvious right from the start as Allen sings, “I heard you running off your big mouth/Wantin’ to lay it all out on the floor/You wanna play with the big dice/Better think twice before you throw/Oh, I hear you/I guess I’m just not fit to understand/Say what?/I can’t hear you/Who just can’t understand.” If the message isn’t clear enough in the song’s opening verse, the song’s second verse makes it—pardon the pun—crystal clear as he goes on to sing, “I hear you knockin’ at my back door/Wantin’ to give me one more time around/I’m hearing rumors that you’re spreading s&*( all over town/That’s what they’re sayin’/You know them crooked vultures never lie/You know they never lie.” He’s saying that even those people one couldn’t trust are trust worthy in this case. And that’s saying something, too. Who out there hasn’t been in the shoes of the subject of this song? It’s sad that there are people like that out there. But they are out there. And because they are, it makes songs such as this one all the more valuable. That because the ability of the song to reach audiences so clearly will help listeners deal with exactly those kind of people. So not only does the song prove to be musical therapy of sorts, it also is just a great, full-throttle, old school style rock and roll song. Being such a versatile song, it proves quite well why it is one more great addition to Dearly Departed. And together with the other songs noted here, it proves once more why Dearly Departed is an album that any Adrenaline Mob fan will *ahem* hold dear. Yes, that bad pun was fully intended, and with the highest of respect for the band, too.

‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’ is a great song in and of itself. Together with the likes of the band’s acoustic take on ‘Crystal Clear’ and its cover of TCDB’s ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia,’ all three songs make for plenty of reason for fans of Adrenaline Mob to add this album to their libraries when it hits store shelves and digital outlets next month. Of course as impressive as these songs are, it would be wrong to ignore the record’s other songs. Adrenaline Mob also covers Queen, Pat Travers, and even Black Sabbath on this compilation along with presenting a couple of other acoustic takes on its own songs to round out the whole presentation. Audiences will each find their own favorite(s) among the record’s nine total tracks. And while everyone will have their own favorite(s), the one thing on which every listener will agree in regards to the record is that it is yet another impressive release from a compilation that will more than tide over fans until Adrenaline Mob releases its next full-length album. Dearly Departed will be available in stores and online Tuesday, February 10th. While fans wait for its release, they can keep up with all of the latest news and tour updates from the band online at:





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