Scorpions Albums Getting Vinyl Re-Issue

Courtesy: BMG
Courtesy: BMG

Fans of the veteran rock band Scorpions will get a special treat this summer.

Officials with BMG announced Wednesday, the company is scheduled to re-issue five of the band’s classic album June 16 on vinyl in what it has dubbed the “Colours of Rock” collection. Pre-orders are open.

The albums set for re-issue are: Fly to the Rainbow (1974) , In Trance (1975), Virgin Killer (1976), Taken By Force (1977), and Tokyo Tapes (1978). The details on each vinyl’s release are noted below:

Fly To The Rainbow (1974): 180g 1LP, pressed on transparent violet vinyl
In Trance (1975): 180g 1LP, pressed on transparent vinyl
Virgin Killer (1976): 180g 1LP, pressed on powder blue vinyl
Taken By Force (1977): 180g 1LP, pressed on white vinyl
Tokyo Tapes (1978): 180g Gatefold 2LP, pressed on yellow vinyl

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Motorhead Day Celebrated With Animated Video For Metallica Cover

Courtesy: BMG

Today is Motorhead Day.

In celebration of the day, BMG has premiered a new animated video for the band’s cover of Metallica’s timeless single, ‘Enter Sandman.’ The video actually steps up the original video, giving even more life to the story in the song as a young man faces nightmarish and hellish creatures in his sleep.

As the evil creatures try to take the boy, Motorhead’s “Warpig” mascot comes to life and defends the young man from the dark entities, banishing them back to where they came from. This all happens as the band’s take on Metallica’s hit single plays over the visualization.

The cover, which according to information about the video’s premiere, was originally included in a music compilation for Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in 1998, stays largely true to its source material. The main difference is the placement of front man Lemmy Kilmister’s vocals in place of Metallica front man James Hetfield. The overall sound is even richer (not in a bad way) than the original, thanks to the song’s production.

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BMG Announces Details For New Gary Moore Box Set

Courtesy: BMG

BMG will tentatively release a new collection of records from Gary Moore’s catalog this summer.

The Sanctuary Years: 1999-2004 is scheduled for release June 23 in a 4-disc box set. The collection culls the records the late, great guitarist recorded for Sanctuary records. Three of those albums — A Different Beat, Back to the Blues, and Power of the Blues — are all solo records from Moore. Also included in the set is the 2002 self-titled record from the group Scars that Moore formed with former Skunk Anansi bassist Cass Lewis and Primal Scream drummer Darrin Mooney.

Accompanying the collection are brand new liner notes penned by music journalist Dave Everley. Additionally, the new re-issue of Back to the Blues is presented in a new 5.1 mix on Blu-ray along with various vintage interviews Moore conducted during his career.

More information on this and other titles from BMG is available at:




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Motorhead Announces Details For New Live Recording

Motorhead fans will get another live recording from the band’s surviving members this year.

The band is scheduled to release Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2007 June 16 through BMG. Audiences can pre-order the recording now and check out the band’s performance of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Rosalie,’ which was part of the concert’s set list here.

The concert featured in the recording was captured July 7, 2007 during Motorhead’s “Kiss Of Death Tour.” It featured the lineup of its legendary front man/bassist Lemmy Kilmister, drummer Mikkey Dee, and guitarist Phil “Wizzo” Campbell.

The band’s 19-song set list includes not only its cover of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Rosalie,’ but also songs, such as ‘Ace of Spades,’ ‘Over The Top’ and ‘Stay Clean.’ The set list is noted below:

Tracklist :

1. Snaggletooth

2. Stay Clean

3. Be My Baby

4. Killers

5. Metropolis

6. Over The Top

7. One Night Stand

8. I Got Mine

9. In The Name Of Tragedy

10. Sword Of Glory

11. Rosalie

12. Sacrifice

13. Just ‘Cos You Got The Power

14. Going To Brazil

15. Killed By Death

16. Iron Fist

17. Whorehouse Blues

18. Ace Of Spades

19. Overkill

Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2007 will release on separate 2 LP and 2 CD platforms and digitally. Full details of the recording and its platforms is available here.

Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2007 is just the latest Motorhead recording released through BMG. The company most recently re-issued Motorhead’s 1982 album, Iron Fist in September 2022.

Silver Lining Music followed up its release with the re-issue of the band’s 2015 album Bad Magic (the band’s 23rd and final record) in February in the form of Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic.

Early this month, veteran power metal band Sabaton took on Motorhead’s classic song, ‘1916‘ with its own take of the tune. The song is included in Sabaton’s new EP, Stories from the Western Front.

More information on Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2007 is available along with all of the latest Motorhead news at:




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BMG, Rhino Announce Details For RATT Box Set

Courtesy: BMG/Rhino Entertainment

BMG and Rhino Entertainment have partnered to re-issue five of RATT’s albums.

The Atlantic Years is scheduled for release June 9 exclusively on vinyl. The collection culls RATT’s first five records, all of which were released through Atlantic Records, into the standalone collection.

Along with the records released through Atlantic Records, the box set will also feature the band’s single, ‘Nobody Rides For Free’ as a bonus on a 7″ exclusive to the collection. The standalone single was featured in the 1991 movie, Point Break, which starred Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

The collection’s track listing is noted below:

Out Of The Cellar (1984)

1.    Wanted Man (Cristofanilli/Crosby/Pearcy)

2.    You’re In Trouble (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby)

3.    Round And Round (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby)

4.    In Your Direction (Pearcy)

5.    She Wants Money (Croucier)

6.    Lack Of Communication (Croucier/Pearcy)

7.    Back For More (Pearcy/Crosby)

8.    The Morning After (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby)

9.    I’m Insane (Crosby)

10. Scene Of The Crime (Crosby/Croucier)

Invasion Of Your Privacy (1985)

1.    You’re In Love (Croucier/Pearcy)

2.    Never Use Love (Pearcy)

3.    Lay It Down (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby/Croucier)

4.    Give It All (Pearcy/Crosby)

5.    Closer To My Heart (Crosby/Pearcy)

6.    Between The Eyes (DeMartini/Pearcy)

7.    What You Give Is What You Get (Croucier)

8.    Got Me On The Line (Crosby/Pearcy)

9.    You Should Know By Now (Crosby/Pearcy/Croucier)

10. Dangerous But Worth The Risk (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier)

Dancing Undercover (1986)

1.    Dance (Pearcy/Crosby/DeMartini/Hill)

2.    One Good Lover (Crosby/Pearcy)

3.    Drive Me Crazy (Pearcy/Crosby/DeMartini/Blotzer)

4.    Slip Of The Lip (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier)

5.    Body Talk (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier)

6.    Looking For Love (Crosby/Pearcy/Croucier)

7.    7th Avenue (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier)

8.    It Doesn’t Matter (Croucier/Pearcy)

9.    Take A Chance (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby/Croucier)

10. Enough Is Enough (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby/Croucier)

Reach For The Sky (1988)

1.    City To City (Pearcy/Crosby/DeMartini/Croucier/Hill)

2.    I Want A Woman (Crosby/Pearcy/Croucier/Hill)

3.    Way Cool Jr. (DeMartini/Pearcy/Hill)

4.    Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds (Pearcy/Crosby/Croucier/Hill)

5.    I Want To Love You Tonight (DeMartini/Crosby/Pearcy)

6.    Chain Reaction (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier)

7.    No Surprise (DeMartini/Pearcy)

8.    Bottom Line (Croucier/Pearcy/DeMartini/Crosby/Hill)

9.    What’s It Gonna Be (Croucier/DeMartini/Crosby/Pearcy/Hill)

10. What I’m After (Croucier/Pearcy)

Detonator (1990)

1.    Intro To Shame (DeMartini)

2.    Shame Shame Shame (DeMartini/Pearcy/Child)

3.    Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier/Child)

4.    Scratch That Itch (Croucier/Pearcy/Child)

5.    One Step Away (Blotzer/Pearcy/DeMartini/Croucier/Child)

6.    Hard Time (DeMartini/Pearcy/Child)

7.    Heads I Win, Tails You Lose (DeMartini/Pearcy/Child)

8.    All Or Nothing (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby/Kilgore/Child)

9.    Can’t Wait On Love (Crosby/Croucier/DeMartini/Pearcy/Blotzer/Child)

10. Givin’ Yourself Away (Child/Warren/Pearcy)

11. Top Secret (Pearcy/DeMartini/Child)
“Nobody Rides For Free” – 7” Single – Exclusive to LP box

As an added bonus, the box set will also feature a 12-page replica tour book that features rare and previously unreleased photos from RATT’s archives. A poster, bumper sticker, guitar pick, and replica backstage pass are also extras included in the collection.

More information on RATT’s forthcoming box set is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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BMG’s Re-Issue Of Motorhead’s ‘Iron Fist’ Is A Mostly Successful Offering

Courtesy: BMG

Motorhead’s 1982 album, Iron Fist, is among the more important entries in the band’s expansive catalog of studio recordings.  The band’s fifth album, it was the last that featured the band’s original lineup of front man Lemmy Kilmister, drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” and guitarist Eddie Clarke.  It was also a presentation that has come to be known as one of the band’s more controversial records.  That is because of the back story of its production.  Originally produced by Vic Maile, its production would eventually be completed by Clarke.  The discussions on the changeup have shown different thoughts and explanations on what happened, but even Kilmister himself said in 2000 of the record, that it was among his least favorite albums because of the production.  Now four decades after the album’s release, it has received another re-issue, its second following one re-issue in 1996 through Castle Communications and a second in 2005 through Sanctuary Records.  This latest re-issue comes through BMG.  It is accented by two discs of bonus content and new liner notes.  This will all be addressed shortly.  While the bonus content featured in this new re-issue anchors its presentation, the production of the original album really does prove somewhat problematic, proving Kilmister right.  It will be addressed a little later.  The various platforms on which the record has been made available are of their own note and will also be discussed later. Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of this re-issue.  All things considered they make the 40th Anniversary re-issue of Motorhead’s Iron Fist an interesting presentation that most of the band’s fans will find worth adding to their libraries.

BMG’s new 40th anniversary re-issue of Motorhead’s Iron Fist is a presentation that casual fans and the band’s most devoted fans will find worth adding to their libraries.  The presentation here is anchored by the bonus content featured with the re-issue.  The bonus content is being marketed as being previously unreleased, but that is not entirely the case.  Some of the bonus content featured here was previously released in the album’s 1996 Castle Communications re-issue of the album.  Among the bonus content carried over from that re-issue are ‘(Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind You Down’ (Alternative Edition) and ‘Young and Crazy’ (Alternative take of ‘Sex & Outrage’).  ‘Lemmy Goes to the Pub’ (Alternative take of ‘Heart of Stone’) is also included here, carried over from the Castle Recordings re-issue.  ‘Same Old Song, I’m Gone’ (Alternate take of ‘Remember Me, I’m Gone’) is also here along with ‘Remember Me, I’m Gone,’ which was also a Castle Recordings bonus track.  The previously unreleased content comes primarily in the form of the instrumental tracks, ‘Spongecake,’ ‘Ripsaw Teardown’ and the ‘Peter Gunn’ theme song.  That track is quite interesting in itself.  The amped up take on the popular song is a fun, rocking composition that stands out strongly on its own positives.  The same can be said of ‘Spongecake.’  The gritty sound of the bass and guitar together alongside the drums gives the song such a great garage punk sound and style that anyone will appreciate.  When it, ‘Peter Gunn’ and ‘Ripsaw Teardown’ are considered together, the trio of instrumentals make for plenty of engagement and entertainment in their own right.  When they are considered along with the other previously released bonus tracks, that collective makes the bonus content all the more a positive for this presentation.

Another bonus that comes with the album’s new re-issue is a “media booklet” that comes with plenty of liner notes and pictures.  Sadly the booklet was not included with media copies of the re-issue so that item cannot be examined.

While the bonus content that accompanies the album’s latest re-issue is important to its presentation, being the likely difficulty in finding the previous re-issues, the overall presentation is not perfect.  As noted earlier, Kilmister noted in an older interview that he was not overly happy with the final product that was Iron Fist because of the production.  In listening to the original album that is part of the overall presentation, the production is questionable.  Klimister’s vocals are washed out in comparison to the instrumentation.  It honestly sounds like his vocals were recorded at a distance while the instruments were quite airy in their own right.  Simply put, the production here is less than perfect.  The thing is though, as questionable as the album’s production is, it serves, to a point, as a historical point for the band.  It shows the band’s growth in terms of that aspect of its records.  So again, while the production is hardly perfect, hearing the problems with this item makes for more appreciation for how far the band came over time following that record’s release.  It is clear that the band learned an important lesson from the album’s production, and in turn improved from one record to the next in this aspect.

Knowing that the production of the album itself does not doom the record, there is still one more item to examine here.  That item is the overall availability of the re-issue.  According to information on the band’s official web store, it is available as part of eight separate packages.  Among those packages is the presentation of the re-issue in a 2-CD set with media book, a 3-disc vinyl set with media book, 2-CD/media book set with t-shirts, and even a complete deluxe set that includes the re-issue on both vinyl and CD, as well as the t-shirts and media book.  The deluxe set is listed at $253 while the simplest package (the 2-CD set) is listed at $20.  The vinyl set is listed at $60.  The 2-CD set with media book and t-shirts is listed at $79.  This is all important to note in that even with shipping and handling, that means most audiences who are likely to buy one of these sets, will pay less than $100 for the complete set.  What’s more, the 2-CD set without the tour t-shirts averages at $22.23 through Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  Amazon and Target each list the 2-CD set below that average at $19.79, so even with shipping and handling, the final price will still be just over $20.  By comparison, shipping and handling for the 2-CD set with tour shirts will average slightly more, closer to $30.  The bigger picture is this:  Most audiences are likely to purchase the 2-CD or 2-disc vinyl set.  That set comes with the media book, so audiences will not break the bank on the most basic presentation whether through Amazon or Target.  Meanwhile, audiences who are maybe more devoted will be just as open to paying higher prices.  So again, in the end, the wide variety of packages through which the re-issue is available doe prove to be just as positive as the re-issue’s bonus content.  Keeping that in mind, those two items and even the historical importance of the album’s production make this re-issue a presentation that plenty of Motorhead (and rock fans in general) will find worth owning.

BMG’s brand new re-issue of Motorhead’s Iron Fist is an interesting presentation from the company, which has also re-issued records from the likes of Sepultura, Saxon, and Overkill in the past year or so.  Its interest comes in part through its bonus content.  Most of the bonus content was previously released, unlike how it is being marketed.  There is also some previously unreleased content.  Having all of that content in one place makes for its own appeal.  The production of the album itself is questionable, just as Kilmister had said so many years ago before his passing.  At the same time, that production does serve an important historical purpose, so it is still important in its own right.  The widespread availability of the re-issue in terms of various packages (and the outlets through which it is available) rounds out the most important of the re-issue’s elements.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the re-issue’s presentation.  All things considered they make BMG’s re-issue of Iron Fist a work that most Motorhead fans and rock fans in general will find appealing.

Iron Fist is available now. More information on BMG’s latest Motorhead re-issue is available along with all of the latest Motorhead news at:




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Devildriver’s New Box Set Offers Audiences Plenty To Applaud

Courtesy: BMG

Veteran metal band Devildriver has been in the headlines quite a bit in recent months.  The band announced last month, it had made a pair of lineup changes, welcoming original bassist Jon Miller back to the band in place of Diego Ibarra.  Along with that change, the band also announced the addition of new guitarist Alex Lee (Holy Grail) to the lineup.  Miller was one of the founding members of Devildriver and remained with the band until 2011, when he was replaced first by Aaron Patrick, then Chris Towning and then by Ibarra.  Lee is the band’s third rhythm guitarist behind Neil Tiemann most recently and founding member Jeff Kendrick before him.  The lineup changes make Miller and front man Dez Fafara the band’s only original members in its current lineup.

Only weeks prior to the announcement of Devildriver’s latest lineup change, the band announced June 8, that it would release its new five-disc box set, Clouds Over California.  Originally, the box set was scheduled for release Friday through BMG, but then an update to that date announced late last month stated the set’s release date had been pushed back to Aug. 19.  This despite the band claiming as recently as Friday, that the box set dropped Friday.  In other words, there remains no clarity at this point on the set’s exact release date.  That aside, the collection is a set that most Devildriver fans will find just as appealing as modern metal fans.  That is due in no small part to its featured albums, which will be examined shortly.  The platforms on which the collection is available are just as important to note as the albums themselves.  This will be examined a little later.  The records’ liner notes round out its most important elements and will also be examined later.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the collection.  All things considered they make Clouds Over California a shining new offering from Devildriver.  Yes, that awful pun was fully intended.

Devildriver’s new five-album box set, Clouds Over California is a positive new offering from the veteran modern metal outfit.  Its appeal comes in part through its featured records.  The records featured here are the band’s first five albums, Devildriver, The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand, The Last Kind Words, Pray For Villains, and Beast.  All five albums were released through Roadrunner Records.  All of the albums that the band has released since then have come through Napalm Records.  So simply put, what audiences get in this collection is essentially the first chapter (so to speak) of Devildriver’s catalog.  To that end, maybe BMG should have called this new set, The Roadrunner Years.

The collection by itself is impressive in its general presentation.  There is an even deeper appeal to the records because what audiences get here is not just the albums’ standard releases, save for the band’s debut self-titled record, but three of the records in their expanded formats.  Devildriver did not have an expanded edition, and The Last Kind Words allegedly had an expanded edition released through Hot Topic stores nationwide that had a bonus track, ‘Damning The Heavens.’  That extra track is not included in the record’s presentation here, but the other three albums are all presented in their expanded formats.  To that end, audiences still largely get a very special presentation of the band’s Roadrunner Records catalog here.  Keeping that in mind, the albums that make up the main body of Clouds Over California are reason enough for diehard Devildriver fans to own this collection.  They are just part of what makes the collection worth adding to any fan’s library.  The platforms on which the collection is available add at least somewhat to that appeal.

The collection is available on CD and vinyl pressings.  This means that whether one is more a fan of vinyl and all of the problems that come with it, or more a fan of CDs, audiences on both sides of that proverbial aisle will be able to enjoy the collection.  This shows that Devildriver and officials with BMG made sure not to alienate any of the band’s audiences in this case. 

Of course, the pricing for the sets is clearly (and starkly) different between them.  That cannot be ignored. The CD set’s average price point is $45.39 while the set’s vinyl box averages in at $182.74.  Those prices were figured by averaging prices listed through Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  Books-A-Million, another of this country’s biggest retailers, did not list the set on either platform.  Best Buy only listed the set on vinyl while the other outlets listed it on both platforms.  Between the set’s much more affordable price on CD and the CD set’s more compact nature, audiences are going to be much more inclined to purchase the collection on that platform than on vinyl.  Those who want to shell out the big bucks and make even more room for the vinyl set are welcome to do so but the CD set clearly is going to be more appealing, at least to this critic.  Moving on from this discussion, the liner notes that accompany the collection round out the collection’s most important elements.

The liner notes that come with the set were composed by Fafara and are presented in a 20-page booklet that is new to the set.  Along with that, each of the albums come with their original liner notes.  So what audiences get in terms of this secondary content is not just the original liner notes with lyrics but a whole new set of liner notes looking back at the albums and their place in Devildriver’s history.  All of this extra content pairs with the expansive presentation of the collection’s primary content to make the collection’s overall presentation that much more appealing.  Add in the fact that Devildriver and BMG made the collection available for fans of CDs and vinyls alike and the collection gains that much more appealing for a wide range of audiences.  All things considered, Clouds Over California makes for a good way to tide audiences over until Devildriver releases its next new album, which hopefully will come sooner rather than later.

Devildriver’s new five-album box set, Clouds Over California, is a strong new offering from the veteran metal band.  It will appeal to most of the band’s established audiences as well as more casual fans of the band.  That is due in no small part to its featured albums.  The albums in question are all of the records that Devildriver released through Roadrunner Records.  Those records make up the first half of the band’s catalog.  The second half, which is also composed of five records, has come through records released via Napalm Records.  Just as important here is that three of the five records featured here are presented in their expanded rather than their standard editions, so audiences get, for the most part, a special treat here.  The band’s debut self-titled record was only presented in a standard form in its initial release, so there are no worries there. The availability of the collection on both CD and vinyl ensures that none of the band’s fans have been ignored, though the cost of the vinyl set is far more cost prohibitive than that of the set’s CD platform.  The liner notes featured with the set round out its most important elements as there are some familiar liner notes and some equally in-depth new liner notes to boot.  Each item examined here is important in its own way to the whole of the collection.  All things considered they make Clouds Over California a mostly positive way to tide Devildriver’s fans over until the band releases its next album.

More information on Clouds Over California is available along with all of Devildriver’s latest news at:




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BMG Announces Details For Soulfly Box Set

Courtesy: BMG

BMG is going to re-issue four of Soulfly’s albums this summer.

The company is scheduled to release the new box set, The Song Remains Insane June 17 on CD and vinyl. The collection culls the band’s first four albums — Soulfly, Primitive, 3, and Prophecy — into one collection. All four albums will be presented in their standard release editions and will be complimented with an extra disc of bonus tracks, previously released on various pressings of those albums.

Many of the bonus tracks featured in the extra disc are actually featured in the expanded edition of the band’s debut self-titled album, which was released in 1998. Those tracks are ‘Cagnaceiro,’ ‘Ain’t No Feeble Bastard,’ ‘The Possibility of Life’s Destruction,’ ‘Tribe (Tribal Terrorism Mix),’ ;Quilombo (Zumbi Dub Mix),’ and ‘Umbabarauma (World Cup Mix)’. The disc also features bonus tracks from Primitive in the form of ‘Terrorist (Total Destruction Mix)’ and ‘Soulfire.’

Pulled from the Japanese release of 3 is the band’s cover of Pailhead’s ‘I Will Refuse.’ Speaking of covers, the band’s cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘Under The Sun,’ which was featured in a special digipack release of 3 is also included in the bonus disc. The lone previously unreleased track is ‘Berimbau Jam.’

The collection’s full track listing is noted below.

Eye For An Eye
No Hope = No Fear
First Commandment
The Song Remains Insane
Back To The Primitive
Bring It
Son Song
The Prophet
Soulfly II
In Memory Of…

Seek ‘N’ Strike
Tree Of Pain
One Nation
Call To Arms
Four Elements
Soulfly III
Sangue De Bairro
Living Sacrifice
Execution Style
Defeat U
I Believe
Born Again Anarchist
In The Meantime
Soulfly IV

Ain’t No Feeble Bastard
Possibility Of Life’s Destruction
I Will Refuse
Under The Sun
Tribe (Tribal Terrorism Mix)
Quilombo (Zumbi Dub Mix)
Umbabarauma (World Cup Mix)
Terrorist (Total Destruction Mix)
Berimbau Jam

In other Soulfly news, the band announced in January, that Fear Factory founding member and guitarist Dino Cazares had been tapped to join the band on the road for its winter/spring 2022 tour. The tour launched Feb. 7 in Las Vegas, NV and ran through March 19 in Gallup, NM.

Soulfly front man and founder Max Cavalera and his brother Iggor (who together also founded Sepultura) are now mapping out their tour performing two classic Sepultura albums, Beneath The Remains and Arise. The schedule for that tour is noted below.


May 22 – Sun – Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM


May 23 – Mon – Jake’s – Lubbock, TX


May 24 – Tue – Amplified Live – Dallas, TX


May 25 – Wed – The Hall – Little Rock, AR

May 26 – Thu – Brooklyn Bowl – Nashville, TN


May 27 – Fri – The Loud – Huntington, WV


May 28 – Sat – Maryland DeathFest – Baltimore, MD

May 31 – Tue – Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY


Jun 1 – Wed – Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT


Jun 2 – Thu – XL Live – Harrisburg, PA


Jun 3 – Fri – King of Clubs – Columbus, OH


Jun 4 – Sat – The Forge – Joliet, IL


Jun 5 – Sun – Piere’s Event Center – Ft. Wayne, IN


Jun 6 – Mon – The Vogue – Indianapolis, IN


Jun 7 – Tue – Delmar Hall – St. Louis, MO


Jun 8 – Wed – Royal Grove – Lincoln, NE


Jun 10 – Fri – Oriental Theater – Denver, CO


Jun 11 – Sat – Metro Music Hall – Salt Lake City, UT


Jun 13 – Mon – Elks Temple Spanish Ballroom – Tacoma, WA


Jun 14 – Tue – Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR


Jun 16 – Thu – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA


Jun 17 – Fri – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA


Jun 18 – Sat – The Belasco – Los Angeles, CA


Jun 21 – Tue – Come And Take It Live – Austin, TX


Jun 22 – Wed – Scout Bar – Houston, TX


Jun 23 – Thu – The Rock Box – San Antonio, TX

Jun 24 – Fri – Rockhouse Outside – El Paso, TX


Jun 25 – Sat – The Marquee – Tempe, AZ


More information on BMG’s new Soulfly box set is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




More information on the Cavalera brothers’ upcoming tour is available online at

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ZZ Top Announces New Album, Tour Details

Courtesy: Merlis For Hire

ZZ Top will release its latest album this summer.

The band is scheduled to release its new album, Raw, July 22 through Shelter Records/BMG. The album was recorded in connection with the band’s 2020 Netflix documentary That Little Ol’ Band From Texas. The album is billed as the soundtrack to the documentary and features songs, such as ‘Tube Snake Boogie,’ ‘LaGrange,’ and ‘Brown Sugar.’

Raw will release on CD, 180-gram vinyl, and all digital platforms. The record’s track listing is noted below.

RAW Tracklisting:

Side 1

Brown Sugar

Just Got Paid

Heard It On The X

La Grange



Side 2

I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide

Gimme All Your Lovin’

Blue Jean Blues

Certified Blues

Tube Snake Boogie

In related news, ZZ Top will embark on a new tour in support of its new compilation record titled the Raw Whisky Tour. The tour, which will feature new bassist Elwood Francis with front man Billy F. Gibbons and drummer Frank Beard, is scheduled to launch May 6 in Niagra Falls, ON. It is scheduled to run through Aug. 27 in Beaver Dam, KY and features performances in cities, such as Loveland, CO; Saratoga, CA and Gran Island, NE.

The tour’s schedule is noted below. Tickets are on sale.

Date:               City / State:                             Venue:

May 6               Niagara Falls, ON, CAN           Fallsview Casino Resort

May 2               Paso Robles, CA                     Vina Robles Amphitheatre

June 1              Redding, CA                            Redding Civic Auditorium

June 2              Saratoga, CA                           The Mountain Winery

June 5             Jacksonville, OR                      Britt Pavilion

June 7              Bend, OR                                 Hayden Homes Amphitheater

June 8              Walla Walla, WA                      Wine Country Amphitheater

June 9              Spokane, WA                           First Interstate Center for the Arts

June 12            Billings, MT                              MetraPark – First Interstate Arena

June 14            Grand Junction, CO                 Las Colonias Park Amphitheater

June 17            Tucson, AZ                              Casino Del Sol’s AVA Amphitheater

June 19            Colorado Springs, CO              Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts

June 21            Loveland, CO                           Budweiser Events Center

June 22            Grand Island, NE                     Fonner Park – Heartland Events Center

June 24            Park City, KS                           Hartman Arena

June 25            Oklahoma City, OK                  Zoo Amphitheatre

June 26            Little Rock, AR                         First Security Amphitheater

June 29            Rogers, AR                              Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion

July 1               Toledo, OH                              Toledo Zoo & Aquarium – Amphitheater

July 2               Sterling Heights, MI                 Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre,Freedom Hill

July 5               Fort Wayne, IN                        Foellinger Theater

July 9               Greenville, WI                          Greenville Lion’s Park  

July 22             Boston, MA                              Leader Bank Pavilion 

July 23           Watertown, NY                          Watertown Fairgrounds Baseball Diamond    Aug 27            Beaver Dam, KY                      Beaver Dam Amphitheater

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New Motorhead Photo Retrospective Available Now Domestically; Coming Soon In The UK

Courtesy: BMG

Motorhead fans have a new way to take in the band’s live history.

Fast & Loose: Snapshots From The Graham Mitchell Archive, 1977-1982 was recently released for American readers through BMG. The book is scheduled for release Dec. 30 in the United Kingdom. A trailer for the book is streaming here.

Mitchell offered the following comment on the retrospective:

“I somehow knew how important it all was,” he said. “I knew I needed to capture at least some of those moments. I’d see the band to the stage and then immediately go out into the house, jostle with the punters, and get what I could.”

Added Mitchell, “Most of my images “are one-shot photos, and there’s no flash on any of them. They were done at 400 ASA to speed up the film and take advantage of whatever natural light I could get, so I was always flying by the seat of my pants whenever I clicked the shutter.”

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